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How did you know that the only thing that could get me to reply is my favorite author’s signature? I thought about getting that tatted. But then I felt like superfan5000. 

1. Because I’m your mom.

2. You would only be superfan 5000 if you got a huge mural on your upper arm.

3. You said tatted.

I need to know

Have you ever used the word rad? I used to be instantly annoyed with anyone who used it, but now I’ve warmed to it a bit like a retarded little cousin. I can’t help feeling though that anytime someone uses it, even a surfer, everyone instantly falls silent and you can hear crickets.

In Memoriam. R.I.P. Reverend Daisy Braxton

Daisy died yesterday. She was 89. 

I have two favorite memories. The first one is the time Michelle the neighbor was pounding on back the door and screaming. Daisy answered and Michelle started right in with “If that fucking dog comes into my yard one more time, I’m going to kill him”.

What happened baby?

You need to keep that goddam animal locked up. I spent 3 hours planting brand new flowers and he just dug half of them up.

Come here and give Daisy a hug.

Then I also remember having a party for her whole family. Bub actually went out to the store and bought poster board and markers and made signs that said “Black People must use the back stairs”. and “Watermelon this way” with arrows pointing. Daisy saw them and laughed so hard she cried and had to sit down and fan herself.She chuckled and shook her head the rest of the day.

The sign did not say “black people.” And thank you for making me cry. Eff. 

Did he really write N? So bad!  Didn’t you go to a Braxton family reunion?